HR Services Onsite

We work with organisations to drive efficiencies and standardisation across the HR and resourcing function.

Onsite Staffing

Our aim is to ensure that we provide total solutions to our clients. The Fabutech method is to ensure that we provide you 360 degree service for all your recruitment needs, that includes researching the right candidate and deploying her or him promptly to your organisation or your projects and also finding replacements if the need arises.

Our most important goal is to help you build a competitive advantage by finding the very best candidates for important positions that you wish to fill. Our specialty is, as we have mentioned, is to find the right person for niche areas in your organisation.

Project Staffing

FABUTECH’s recruitment staff is well-versed in the use of IT technologies and understands specific skill sets required for staffing projects. We understand that your experience with the talent should optimal and should involved a learning process that is two-way.

Fabutech resource experts understand work-flow demands and can source and screen IT professionals with quick turnaround time.

Our project staffing services support clients in finding the talent required, efficiently. This helps the client is then able to save both time and money in important projects. This is important as it gives an organisation an edge as far as people power is concerned and also makes a lot of business sense in the long run.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We deliver impactful business outcomes and we deliver them through a unique blend of consulting and outsourcing services. One of these services is called Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

The benefits offered by RPO have long been clear. It’s all about standardising and streamlining processes so we can increase efficiency as well as reduce cost.


Today, new and more strategically aligned ways of introducing and measuring RPO success are possible. Our metrics can now align RPO more closely to the wider business objectives such as improving employee satisfaction and attractiveness of the employer brand, reducing attrition and improving time-to-productivity.

Client Reviews

We have been working with Fabutech from day 1 of their inception. They have closed the most critical roles like Guidewire, Sage, Solution Architect. They are the best in closing niche roles.
Nihilent- Vice President
We have worked with many vendor partners earlier but what Fabutech delivers is class apart. They are the best fit for closing critical roles and Farida makes sure she delivers what she
Kony - Director
SAS has been working with Fabutech for its niche and critical requirements over few years now and has always got great support and partnership required to close the positions on time.
The recruiters are proactive and learned for the job and Farida makes sure that the process remains as agile as any customer would want.
I have been extremely happy working with Fabutech and would recommend them for any organization who is looking to add a potential staffing firm.
SAS R&D - Human Resource Business Partner