Remote work has been forced upon knowledge workers like never before and, as you would expect, the tech industry is looking to the future. Many leaders in the industry are exploring remote work post-pandemic and what that will look like. For instance, Twitter employees have been told that they can work from home “forever.”

Many see this as movement right direction, as it will open tech jobs to people outside of cities. It will also make positions accessible to people with limited mobility, caregiver responsibilities, and other potential barriers to traditional office life.

So, it’s no wonder that 96% of tech employees believe that permanent remote work is a reality. The question is, what exactly does that look like and how do we eliminate potential complications and hurdles?

Company Culture

As a lot of us have already discovered, it is quite difficult to create team comradery while working remotely. In fact, 62% of those who do not want to continue working from home full-time cite this as their chief concern.

It is in fact possible to foster company culture and team cohesion from a distance, it just takes a larger effort. For the time being, social gatherings will have to remain virtual, but in the future we expect in-person meet-ups to be more frequent. One option would be to have employees commute once a month or every other month, then enjoy a team outing afterwards. There are many ways to go about this, so it will be important to figure out what works for your team, especially if some members elect to move further away from the office.